Title SVIM ocean hindcast archive
Domain: Natural sciences, Field: Earth science, Subfield: Oceanography
Published 2015-05-13
Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway)
Institute of Marine Research (IMR)
Dataset (1.98 TB)
The dataset contains results from a 54 year (1958-2011) numerical ocean model hindcast archive, produced with the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS; www.myroms.org). ROMS is a three dimensional baroclinic ocean general circulation model which uses topography-following s-coordinates in the vertical. This ensures high vertical resolution in shallow areas such as shelf seas and coastal areas. Here, the model is run on a grid with 32 s-layers in the vertical. In the horizontal, the grid resolution is 4 km and covers the Nordic, Barents and Kara seas, as well as parts of the Arctic Ocean.
Science publication
Published : URL: http://www.imr.no/filarkiv/2014/01/fh_7-2013_swim_til_web.pdf, Citation: Lien, V.S., Y. Gusdal, J. Albretsen, A. Melsom, F. Vikebø, 2013: Evaluation of a Nordic Seas 4 km numerical ocean model hindcast archive (SVIM), 1960-2011. Fisken og havet, 7, 82 pp. (primary)
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